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I recommend you the following websites:
The website of my husband Dr. Bernd Hoffmann with lots of scientific informations about radon (=job) and astronomy (=hobby) and lots of good art photographs !
The website of my father, Ph.D. Professor Juliusz C. Chojnacki with lots of scientific informations in marine ecology and oceanography
e_x_c_e_l_l_e_n_t  photographs taken by my sister Barbara Chojnacka
my favourite authoress!
The website with numerous of my (free) colouring pictures for children
The website of The Buddhist Book Project Poland
The website of a good band
The website of an Africa-fascinated DJ
The website of a good alternative 80'ies pub in Szczecin
The website of a good architect
The website of an art-photographer

I'm not responsible for the real current contents of the websites mentioned above.